Dario Milan

Alla scoperta dell'acqua calda (versione inglese)

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Artista: Dario Milan
Titolo: Alla scoperta dell’acqua calda
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Artista: Dario Milan
Titolo: Alla scoperta dell’acqua calda
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Data di uscita: Gennaio 2019
Casa Editrice: Cobert Edizioni Musicali sas

Dario Milan – Alla scoperta dell’acqua calda – A Method for Drummers

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This book is divided in three chapters (Technique 1, Technique 2 and Independence) and follows the practice notes I have collected and used since two years now.

Beside the development and maintenance of limb technique and independence (i.e. physical functionality), this research has allowed me to improve both my concentration and consciousness regarding rhythm and music, while I followed the evolution of the educational material.

I personally believe that every musician should try and deepen these aspects as much as possible.

They can be applied to different instruments, too.

Over the years, I have consulted, studied, internalized and revisited some publications and didactic manuals which I consider highly effective. They were focused on different topics such as technique and independence, how to improve interpretation of different musical styles or learning from the quite ‘classic’ transcriptions and arrangements of great drummers.

Then, I decided to devote my study to ‘grooves’ that are commonly associated with the world of electronic music, particularly to drum and bass, dubstep and jungle, where the balance between technique and musicality activates a sense of ‘futurism’ and contemporaneity at the instrument.

Although over the years I have always sought an evolutionary process, the systematic approach to these rhythmical units has soon allowed me to identify what was lacking in my technique and coordination. To this effect, I have tried to create a schedule of practice that would enable me to overcome all my limits and help me to play with more efficiency and immediacy.

Beside choosing the right type of exercise to develop, it is fundamental to accompany this with a sustainable pedagogical process. The question I have asked myself in more than one occasion was: how can I assimilate the notions I am studying in the best way? I found the answer in a musical treatise by musician, composer and educator Max Pizio. I am quoting it here in its entirety.